Welcome to the REAL community!

REAL is a new pop-up social network designed to help you find new friends in unexpected places near you -- concerts, cruise ships, farm markets, festivals, convention centers, or even in your own community.

REAL enables social interactions anywhere and anytime. We make it easy for members to find people with similar interests. Whether in a new city for business; traveling alone or with friends; or just looking to meet someone near home to share a cup of coffee, bike ride, or a local hike, REAL provides its members with the perfect way to break the ice. 

Scroll down to learn more.  Or, feel free to jump right into the app!


Find people near you with similar interests.

Change your radius, sort, filter results. 


Once you find someone interesting, go for it!  

Ask to chat (and be polite :-) 


Discover local places for meeting people.

Check-in via the app (and see who's there).


Edit your profile, add additional interests, get creative.

We truly believe there are other Magic: The Gathering card players out there

Ok, don't take our word for it, go explore the REAL app yourself. 

-- The REAL App Team