San Diego, CA — May 10, 2019

San Diego Social Leagues ( ) and the REALU App ( ) announced today that they have launched a strategic partnership to help create social, recreational, and volunteer opportunities for adults in the San Diego area. San Diego Social Leagues builds community through sports, social & charitable events; REALU helps its members to meet real people, spontaneously, who share their interests.

“At San Diego Social Leagues, we believe that we can bring people together and strengthen our community using recreational sports and events as the catalyst. So many great things come from sports, especially when the nature of competition is primarily social,” said Jon Rayner, President and Founder. “Ultimately, we think it is very important to bring together people of all walks of life so that we can begin to see our commonalities rather than what makes us different. If we can break down barriers, we can all prosper as people, as a community, and as ONE San Diego!”

“REALU is a powerful new smartphone app that helps you find new friends who share your interests,” said Janette Kessler, President and Co-Founder at Identify Technologies. “Despite our increasingly connected world, meeting new people face-to-face who share your interests can still be remarkably challenging.” As a result of relocations, major life changes, business travel, and other factors, loneliness is becoming an increasing problem in our society. Although there are numerous apps that connect you with people you already know, or help you find a date, REALU helps you find new friends, create new community, and connect with people in the real world who share your interests.

San Diego Social Leagues and REALU have agreed to jointly marketing their products and services in order to facilitate the creation of athletic, social, and volunteer groups throughout the San Diego region. San Diego Social Leagues has been featured in San Diego Entertainer, , REALU has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler , Truthfinder , Make Tech Easier , Cosmopolitan , and BBC 5 Live. and is currently available on Google Play and the App Store.

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