Thanks to for the shout out!

We couldn't agree more: “We think that meeting new people by sharing a favorite activity is the best way to make friends.”

LA, yes, you are next!

LA, yes, you are next!

So, we've soft launched in NYC and now our attention turns to the west coast. We've been doing some stuff in California but it's time we embrace our LA community! 

It's time to step out of the darkness. 

Hello Los Angeles! The REALU App is now live and active in your city. Grab your friends and tell them to get into the REAL community. Our goal is not to be another social network. We want less clutter, less rants and more HUMAN connections. 

So, what are you waiting for LA? Get into REALU and meet interesting people near you! 

New York, we've launched in your city!

New York, we've launched in your city!

Just a quick note to mention that we've soft launched in NYC for you East Coasters! REAL is a new way to meet friends. The app is free on iTunes and Android and our description is simply: "real people in real time". But there's a catch. We're not here to help you find your soul mate. We have more modest goals...

Think of us as the anti-Tinder. 

Our idea is that today's world is full of turmoil and strife. If you live in the US, you might agree with me. We believe the current social networks are not exactly helping bringing us together.  So, we built this app to help people make friends. For coffee. For biking. For doing stuff that friends do. 

We believe that building relationships (actual relationships) are in short supply in the 21st century. REAL wants to help you find friends to have fulfilling, complex and deep interactions. Honestly, if the app works well, the goal is to get off your phone and get into the real world. 

Android, oh yeah!

Android, oh yeah!

We've been so busy trying to reach out to new members in different cities that we forgot to tell you that we have a handy-dandy version of Android for you!

 No reason not to download it, today: 

50 bands, 5,000 people & REAL at FreshGrass

50 bands, 5,000 people & REAL at FreshGrass

For three days in September, the REAL app team gathered in North Adams, Massachusetts for the FreshGrass festival. Whew! We had so much fun between the great music, awesome food trucks, plenty of local beer (shout out to Bright Ideas), and making lots of new friends.

Thanks to our host, MASS MoCA, for allowing us to debut the REAL App at the festival -- you’re the best!

Since then, we've released a new version of the app with some features we think you will like:

  • Increasing the radius slider to 150 miles so you can find those FreshGrass friends again!
  • Streamlining the on-boarding process so members can get to the Featured Places faster

We are working on rolling the app out in select cities around the country, so please be patient while we try to find you new Matches. Here are some great ways you can continue to enjoy the app at home:

  1. Use the Tell Your Friends section in Settings and invite your friends to download the app
  2. Use Places to find new restaurants, bars, museums, etc. at home or while traveling
  3. Continue to Chat with people that you met on REAL at FreshGrass
  4. Check out the profiles of anyone that you favorited; they are still there on your Favorites screen

Feel free to send us Feedback through the app!  Visit us on Facebook, or check out our webpage for updates:

Ready, Set, Launch!

Ready, Set, Launch!

In the world of tech startups, there is a point where you have to show your work to the world. For us as REAL, we started our early app releases with TestFlight. TestFlight is an Apple/iOS over-the-air service which allows developers to distribute a beta app to small group without publishing to the App Store. This means we can develop our app with iterative releases, new features and bug fixes before we're comfortable opening it up to the world. 

Well, that day has arrived. 

We're excited to announce that the REAL App has been approved and is now available on the App Store. 

Let us know your thoughts on the new app. Feel free to drop us a line here

Ok, we're in Beta!

Ok, we're in Beta!

It's officially time to share the REAL app with more than the 5 people. We are beta testing this app with friends, family and others! 

What is this app, anyway?

The REAL App is a social icebreaker designed to help you meet Real People in Real Time. Whether you are in a new city for business, travelling alone or with others, or just in the mood to meet some new friends, REAL can help you find people with similar interests. We use a proprietary matching algorithm to find people with the characteristics that are perfect for you, and we do it in real time!

REAL is not a dating app, a chatting app, or a venue finder (though you can use the app for those purposes). We combine all these features into one app so you can find new friends quickly and easily, here and now. 

Want to be part of the Beta test? Contact us and let us know!